Improved Mobile Friendly environment, LiveCall is now available anywhere, anytime!

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Spinshell Inc. has announced the new design of their face-to-face video chat platform “LiveCall” and its improved multi-platform functionality for the application, starting with mobile device environment .

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Immediate response - The easy remote access for customers and their inquiries via Internet Browser

By embedding LiveCall into a website, customers will be able to initiate a video chat session without having to install applications or plug-ins, allowing face-to-face communication within the browser window. For those customers that cannot visit a real store, a video chat will allow them to view products or its conditions, offering a visual communication that would not be possible with text or audio chat.

Face-to-face communication - The important marketing factor for improving conversion rates

LiveCall is not a mechanical method of transferring one-way information to a customer, instead it is a service that facilitates direct, visual, and two-way communication between a company and its customers. Lack of information on a product or service could cause potential customers to give up on their purchase, however, with the ability to visually communicate in real time, doubts or concerns customers inevitably experience in online environment can be addressed and immediately solved which directly leads to increases in sales.

Traditional online marketing methods involve gathering customers through advertisements or social media campaigns, and include a variety of tools for marketing and increasing traffic, but LiveCall is provided as a way to directly influence conversion rates by facilitating direct communication with the customer to improve their online experiences, it becomes a valuable tool for many online services.

The Agent Service - The staffing support to enhance the customer experience with LiveCall

In order to maximize its potential and make sure your customer is happy with their purchase, it is necessary to have right person for the job to receive and respond customer’s needs. By integrating LiveCall, the world’s first face-to-face web connection system, with human resources support, you will be able to find an enriched service menu to facilitate face-to-face communication with online customers without internal Customer Support function or support staff with specialized knowledge.

Starting with “convert agents” (experts in face-to-face web communication) whose mission is to engage customers with world-class customer service skill and achieve higher conversion rates, Spinshell plans to continuously announce a variety of agent services, including multi-lingual agents for cross-border EC and specialist agents with specialized knowledge in fields such as health care and more.