LiveCall enabling real-time management of customer-service operators for call center managers

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LiveCall, a real-time video chat customer engagement service, launching Agent Management Console, enabling real-time management of customer-service operators for call center managers

Agent Management Console — for their real-time video chat customer engagement service, LiveCall,
The Agent Console allows managers at call centers to easily monitor in real time the status of customer-service operators.

LiveCall is a cloud service with its core platform using WebRTC, a cutting-edge communication technology, makes it possible for companies to engage with customers over websites via video, audio, or text chat simply using a suitable browser, without any apps nor plugins.
LiveCall can help prevent customer desertions and lead to conversions by providing deeper engagement between the sellers and the customer, providing information the customers demand.


With video chat, in particular, companies can show actual products to customers, making it possible to convey the feel and the details of products, aspects that would be hard for customers to grasp by looking only at pictures and captions on the websites they are visitng.

With the newly released Agent Management Console, the managers at a call center can get a bird’s-eye view of the status of customer-service operators, improving the quality of customer service and making it possible to unify the management of customer-service staff spread out in multiple locations.

Main features of the manager console:

1. List of customer-service operators:
The manager can display the status of all of his or her customer-service staff in a list, see information on calls currently being dealt with, and check whether individual staff members are at their posts or away from their posts. The console is also ideal for managing staff located in more than one place as well as crowdsourcing situations.

2. Correspondence history:
Correspondence history can be checked going back over time. The manager can check memos and also replay recorded video-chat sessions. The data can be exported in CSV format, making analysis easier.


3. Statistics:
The console displays graphs of statistical data regarding correspondence times and number of correspondences for the time period selected. A variety of statistical data can be checked visually, such as busy periods, slack periods, and the amount of time spent per correspondence.