SMS and LiveCall Team Up To Provide Remote Nutrition Coaching Services

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(This article is based on the press release from SMS CO., LTD.)

SMS, one of the largest medical and nursing information service providers in Japan, announced the company will work together with LiveCall, as a part of Remote Nutrition Coaching Services, to provide personalized face-to-face coaching including dietary advice.

This partnership and crowdsourced nutritionists based in “Ei-chie“, a community site for nutritionists hosted by SMS, will solve existing challenges related to IT infrastructure and staffing, and will make the face-to-face remote nutrition coaching easier and affordable. SMS is expecting enterprise customers and health insurance associations as the first target.


Easy Access To Video Chats Using WebRTC
By using the advanced technology of WebRTC(*1), a mutual communication with video, audio and text chats can now easily be established without having to install apps or plug-ins. Nutritionists can see the user’s facial expression and conditions on a real-time basis and offer tailor-made advice for each client.
*1 An API definition that enables a real-time communication such as video chats between browsers.

Assigning Experts Who Specialize In Individual Client’s Needs Area - Food Intake, Diet Methods, Skincare
LiveCall’s Cloud ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)(*2) automatically assigns a nutritionist who has the skill set and knowledge that suit the client’s request. This system enables highly professional services, including dietary coaching and skin care guidance, to be provided through a remote chat.
*2 This is a function that is commonly used at call centers to automatically assign calls. LiveCall’s ACD system allocates staff with suitable skills according to the user’s needs.

Crowdsource Nutritionists Using “Ei-chie” Community As A Base
Ei-chie” is a community site for nutritionists managed by SMS. Approximately 70,000 nutritionists (30,000 of which are national registered nutritionists) are registered. Some are unable to use their skills because of situations such as giving birth, child rearing, or living in rural areas. These nutritionists will be able to receive tasks via crowdsourcing, and work anywhere at any time even for 10 to 15 minutes, to provide face-to-face remote nutrition coaching.

Supervisor Console To Manage Crowdsourcing On A Real-time Basis
Supervisors can check the status of nutritionists spread in different places by accessing the Supervisor Console on LiveCall. They can review the work history and statistic graphs, which can then be used to conduct follow-ups for each nutritionist to improve the services.

Background of Remote Nutrition Coaching Services
As the society is ageing, the increasing cost of social security such as healthcare and nursing is becoming a more serious problem. On the other hand, lifestyle diseases can be prevented or improved by putting appropriate measures in place. Correct diet and exercise routines could be a part of them. This would be a great opportunity to reduce the medical cost in the society.

About SMS CO., LTD.
SMS was stablished in 2003, and listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2011. The mission is to “create a value to continuously contribute to the society by building information infrastructure that suits an ageing society.” The company has developed and run more than 40 services in nursing, medical and healthcare areas, from the viewpoint of “Ageing Society x Information.”