Korea’s Largest Hospital Specializing in Spinal Cord Injury, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, Begins Offering Multilingual Remote Consultation Service for Overseas Patients Using Video Calling

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Industry’s first use of video calling spurs globalization of medical service

One of the leading hospitals in Korea for spinal cord injury treatment that does not involve surgery, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, has now begun offering remote treatment consultation, using video calls to provide support to its many patients outside of Korea by enabling them to discuss their treatment with the hospital’s medical staff. The hospital has received invitations from various countries—including Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Russia—to give lectures on non-surgical methods of spinal cord injury treatment, as well as entering into Memorandums of Understanding, which are essential to the exchange of medical technology and academic resources. Recently, when Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine was invited by Shastin Third Central Hospital of Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan’s President Hospital to give lectures on non-surgical treatment it had conducted, the hospital took the opportunity to introduce some of its typical treatment methods, such as Tui Na massage and motion style acupuncture. The hospital is gaining increased attention from the global medical community, where no treatments for spinal cord injury beside surgery have been established before now.


As non-surgical treatment methods become more well known overseas, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has seen an increase in foreign patients. Its International Clinic, which was opened in 2006, received 200 foreign patients that year. That number has risen dramatically, with the clinic now receiving roughly 1,200 to 1,600 patients each year. In the future, as demand from emerging markets in various countries increases, the hospital can expect to see more and more patients from overseas.

In response to these trends, the management team at Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has not only developed more innovative service and entered into exchange with overseas medical staff, but has also introduced the online service platform LiveCall, developed by Spinshell Inc. (Location: Minato, Tokyo) in order to begin offering a multilingual remote treatment consultation service for foreign patients using video calls.

メニュー画面から簡単にビデオ通話による多言語遠隔診療相談が可能 (画面は日本語版)

LiveCall is a cloud-based platform that offers online video, audio, and text chat box functions, connecting medical staff with patients via the Internet and making remote two-way communication possible. The service does not require the installation of an application or plugin; rather, the user is able to begin a video call or open text chat simply by accessing the website via a compatible browser and clicking on the LiveCall button.

Moving toward an amalgamation of remote treatment and cooperative treatment.
In addition to its video calling service, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine offers a real-time interpretation service that allows overseas patients in Mongolia or Russia to communicate with the hospital’s medical staff via the local language version of its website, unencumbered by the language barrier. The real-time interpretation service is available in four languages: Japanese, English, Mongolian, and Russian. The hospital is also planning to expand the service to include more languages in the future.


LiveCall also allows for smooth exchange of feedback between medical staff. For example, medical staff in Korea and those abroad can cooperate to provide treatment, and Korean medical staff can stream video footage of lectures to medical staff overseas in real time.

A Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine representative explains, “When patients living overseas, for whom a visit to our clinic would prove difficult, undergo remote consultation prior to receiving treatment, we are able to shorten treatment times. Additionally, data collected from our online patients can be analyzed and used for marketing purposes.”

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